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I think our people learned as much about Christianity as they did about Islam in this study -- a lot about both. Every Christian should study this book! Karen in Des Moines

I didn't know anything about Muslims except what I heard on the news and this study really helped me understand them as people a lot like us. Chris in Nashville

Every week, more people showed up so that we had to keep getting more student books. It was the best study we have had in a long time. Jason in Detroit

It left me more hopeful! Celene in Carson City

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Christianity and Islam
So much in common, so far apart
By Ronn Kerr

Christianity and Islam by Ronn Kerr is a unique new study for a unique time that has already been studied by more than 24,000 Christians and Muslims.  Each session covers a major area of the world's two largest religions, comparing and contrasting them in a way that brings greater understanding of each.  Written primarily for Christian adults and older youth that have little knowledge of Islam other than what they have seen in the news, this study aims at providing a general understanding of the differences and similarities between these two great religions.

The four primary resources in the Christianity and Islam study program – the 80-page Student Books, the 100-page Leader’s Guide, the 359-frame PowerPoint Shows, and the 56-page PowerPoint Guide – can all be ordered in several different combinations and the books can be ordered either as printed resources or as printable PDF files that you can print locally.  The PowerPoints are all on CD Roms.

A Sample Chapter of the Student Book and a parallel Sample Chapter of the Leader's Guide can be reviewed in pdf format by clicking on these links: Student Book Sample Chapter. Leader's Guide Sample Chapter.

This popular study is divided into the following thirteen weekly sessions:

1.     The World's Two Largest Religions. An introduction to the two faiths, how they are distributed worldwide and how each is growing.

2.     Jesus and Muhammad, the Early Years. Describes the birth and early years of both men, their families, their occupations, etc.

3.     Jesus and Muhammad, the Ministry Years. Looks at the ways in which both Jesus and Muhammad launched their ministries, gathered disciples, etc.

4.     Jesus and Muhammad, the Conflicts. Focuses on the conflicts that both men and their ministries encountered and the unique ways in which they responded to them which eventually shaped the world's two largest religions.

5.     Apostles and Caliphs. A comparison of the early development of Christianity and Islam under the leadership of those who had known Jesus and Muhammad.

6.     Schisms and Denominations. Comparisons of the splintering of both religion into a variety of denominations and the ongoing relationships between these sects and denominations.

7.     The Bible and the Quran. A look at the defining documents of the two faiths and their meaning and importance for doctrine, law, and history.

8.     Pillars of Faith. A comparison of the "Five Pillars" of Islam with similar emphases in Christianity.

9.     Religious Leadership and Worship. The training, meaning, and role of clergy in both faiths as well as an outline of the worship, devotional practices, and holy days of the two faiths.

10. Primary Theological Beliefs. A comparison and contrast of the primary doctrines of the two faiths, both formal doctrines and popular belief.

11. Culture and the Role of Women. A comparison of the way in which both religions function within secular culture with special emphasis on the freedom, roles, and leadership of women.

12. Violence and Warfare. A comparative look at the way in which Muslims and Christians have viewed participation in war and violence throughout their history.

13. The Future of Christianity and Islam. A candid assessment of current relations between the two faiths, attitudes of members toward one another, the impact of forces outside of the two faiths on their relationships with one another, and both the hopes and the fears of what the future holds.

The study takes neither a "how-to-convert-Muslims" nor a "we're-all-the-same" approach. It provides students with a greater appreciation of both Jesus and Muhammad, both the New Testament and the Quran, and both Christianity and Islam. One of the most common comments from students who have taken the course is that they learned a lot about Islam and just about as much about their own faith!  This thirteen-week course is a perfect substitute for those quarters when dated studies like the International Lesson Series just don't work. When that time comes, try Christianity and Islam and then return to the dated studies the next quarter.


The 80-page Christianity and Islam STUDENT BOOK is a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2" 80-page booklet at an economical price so that each student can be provided with his or her own copy. The text is in easy to understand language and presumes no prior knowledge of Islam and only the understanding of Christianity common to the average church member. Even though the text was produced for American Christians, the study has been used successfully in other English speaking countries and in American and European mosques.  Two copies of the Christianity and Islam Student Book (plus a complete Leader's Guide) are provided for examination in the Introductory SAMPLE PACKET for $39.95. and in the COMPLETE SAMPLE PACKET featuring ALL OF THE RESOURCES for $109.95.  Individual Student Books are available for $9.95 each, 10 or more for $9.45 each, or 25 or more for $8.95 each.  The Student Books are also available in printable PDF files for local printing on some of the CD Roms listed below.

The extensive 100-page Christianity and Islam LEADER'S GUIDE is loose-leaf and 3-hole punched so that it can be easily distributed to various session leaders without having to make sure the Leader's Guide gets to the right person every week. The Leader's Guide contains substantial background material from the New Testament and the Quran as well as extensive text, leadership suggestions, and creative discussion starters for each session. One copy of the Christianity and Islam Leader's Guide comes in the introductory Sample Packet (with two copies of the Student Book) for $39.95. and in the SAMPLE PACKET featuring ALL OF THE RESOURCES FOR $109.95.  Or, the Leader's Guide can be purchased individually for $29.95.  The Leader’s Guide is also available in a printable PDF file for local printing on some of the CD Roms listed below.


The 359-frame Christianity and Islam TEACHING POWERPOINTS are available on four different CD Roms both alone and in combination with other resources.

FIRST, the Teaching PowerPoints are available alone on one CD Rom with an accompanying 56-page printed PowerPoint Guide booklet with commentary and pictures of every frame at Teaching PowerPoints on CD with printed PowerPoint Guidebook, Order #657PP for $76.95.

SECOND, the Teaching PowerPoints are also available on a CD with printable PDF files of the PowerPoint Guide booklet in both color and grayscale at Teaching PowerPoints on CD with Printable PowerPoint Guidebook, Order #656PP for $69.95.

THIRD, the Teaching PowerPoints are available in a single CD Rom featuring all of the Christianity and Islam resources – printable PDFs of the Student Booklet in both 5.5 x 8.5” booklet format and 11 x 17” loose-leaf format, a printable PDF of the Leader’s Guide, PDF’s of the PowerPoint Guide booklet in both color and grayscale formats and the 359-frame Teaching PowerPoints.  This CD Rom is the Christianity and Islam STUDENT BOOK, LEADER’S GUIDE, POWERPOINT GUIDE and TEACHING POWERPOINTS, Order #659PP, for $124.95.

FOURTH, the Teaching PowerPoints are available on a CD Rom alone with two printed copies of the Student Book, a printed copy of the Leader’s Guide, and a printed copy of the This CD Rom is the Christianity and Islam SAMPLE PACKET featuring ALL OF THE Christianity and Islam RESOURCES, Order #652PP for $109.95.